Hints for the Perfect Ring Size

  • When determining your ring size, the timing of the measurement is crucial. Optimal results are achieved when measuring in the morning, as your body is cooler, minimizing the impact of any potential swelling.

  • It's essential to measure the specific finger where you intend to wear your ring. Keep in mind that fingers on your dominant hand tend to be slightly larger than those on the opposite hand.

  • Here's a helpful tip: the width of the band influences the fit. If you're opting for a broader band, expect a snugger fit. Consider allowing a bit of room if you're choosing a bolder design.

  • For those with larger knuckles, finding the right size can be a challenge. Look for a size that enables you to slip the ring over your knuckles comfortably without being too loose.

  • Keep in mind that certain rings cannot be resized. This applies to special metals such as tungsten, titanium, cobalt, stainless steel, and platinum. Additionally, rings featuring gemstones all around, like eternity bands, fall into this category. Always ensure the chosen size aligns with the unique characteristics of your selected ring.
  • Use Another Ring

    While your partner may not typically wear a ring on their left ring finger, the right ring finger could be a suitable alternative in terms of size. Consider using a ring that they frequently wear for sizing. You can download our online ring size chart to compare.

  • Ask Them!

    While you aim to keep the proposal itself a surprise, chances are you've had conversations about your future together. Take a subtle approach and ask your partner's ring size. This way, the finer details of your proposal can remain a delightful and secret surprise, adding an element of joy to the overall experience.

  • Ask A Friend or Family Member

    Enlist the help of friends or family to discreetly gather ring size information. A shopping trip or a thoughtful gift idea inquiry can provide the needed details without spoiling the surprise.

Ring Size Chart

Ring Size Chart

Utilize our printable ring size chart by placing a ring you already wear on the same finger. Print the chart and match your ring to the circles until you find the perfect fit. This tool ensures a confident selection when purchasing a ring in your accurate size.